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About Us

About ChipotleFan:
ChipotleFan was created in the summer of 2004, by Matt Silverman. The site was initially created to house the Chipotle Nutrition Calculator. Because Chipotle did not publicly offer any nutrition information, ChipotleFan's popularity quickly grew, getting some 300+ visitors today. With all those people visiting, Matt had no choice but to completely re-do the site. ChipotleFan now gets thousands of visitors a day, and we are also working to keep it up-to-date.

Interested in getting a nutrition calculator for your restaurant? Please Contact Nutritionix.

About Matt:
Matt graduated from The George Washington University, with a Master's of Science in Information Systems. Matt enjoys long jaunts on the beach, candle lit dinners, and sipping on flutes of champagne by the fireside.

Matt has launched a few other websites, including, but not limited to, and Feel free to check them out, since you're obviously bored right now.

What's with the ads?
Web hosting ain't free. You may notice some textual, graphic, or even video ads on the site. We try to make them as unobtrusive as possible. Many hours have been spent in the development of this site, so feel free to visit any advertisements that interest you.

Yo brosef, can you hit me up with some Chipotle schwag and coupons!?
Sorry, "brosef." Matt does not work for Chipotle. He currently does not get anything free from Chipotle either (hint, hint?). So please do not clog his inbox with these types of requests.

I have this suggestion for "your" restaurant.
Breaking news: Matt is not, and never was, Chipotle. While perhaps in another life he may be reborn as a quick-service Mexican restaurant, Matt currently has little say in what goes on in his own head, let alone in any Chipotle restaurant. Surprisingly (or not?), Matt has received hundreds of e-mails in the past years such as suggestions, requests, and on rare occasion complaints, in regards to Chipotle restaurants. He enjoys feedback from site visitors, but not when they fail to read the numerous warnings on the contact page.

That being said, if you have any more questions for Matt, feel free to contact him or make a post on the chipotle forum. Thanks for visiting.

About page last updated during a sleepless night on 3/05/2010

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