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Posted by koblinsky at 10.4.06 11:17:34.
"fatty barbacoa"
I've been eating Chipotle for 6 years and eating ONLY the barbacoa burrito for almost as long. My current Chipotle is in Rosslyn/Arlington, VA and I go there at least once a week for my barbacoa fix. In the past couple months I've noticed a significant change in the quality of the meat-for the worse. A couple months ago I noticed it starting to get dry and then a month ago it started getting REALLY fatty. Fatty like: when you're chewing the meat and you get a piece that's too fatty to swallow and you have to spit it out. After 4 of these fatty barbacoa burritos I'm thinking about changing to steak or something else.

Anyone else have a similar experience?
yes, its time. - JamesSimon (0 replies)
it changes - Mexicuti0ner (1 replies)
        Definitely does - WeaponX434 0 replies)
Time to change to Qdoba. - Bob23987 (0 replies)
May not be fat... - ar2488 (1 replies)
        nope - HoratioTuna 0 replies)
ditto - antipathy (1 replies)
        reasoning.. - ChipotleSUPergirl 0 replies)
me too! - mindy32 (1 replies)
        I once loved you Barbacoa... - FlyingPig02 0 replies)
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