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Forums > General Discussion > Whole Wheat Tortillas!

Posted by meshblorg at 3.5.07 18:47:51.
"Whole Wheat Tortillas!"
I think it would benefit Chipotle to have Whole Wheat Tortillas as an alternative. Perhaps Brown Rice too. That way it will be even healthier compared to other fast food joints.

Whole Wheat bread/tortillas and brown rice have more fiber and thus are much healthier.
Try in NYC! - absoluteboxer (0 replies)
I also think that would be great. - bellhead (0 replies)
wheat tortillas and brown rice please - 4indie (1 replies) - pulpito 0 replies)
YES! - denn99 (0 replies)
Sounds good to me . . . - TroyB (0 replies)
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