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Forums > General Discussion > Addictive additives?

Posted by Veganveggiebol at 24.1.08 20:51:46.
"Addictive additives?"
This is a serious question:

Does Chipotle put additives into their food to make it addictive? I have never in my life craved food the way I do with Chipotle. I will eat it even if I'm not hungry. I have eaten Chipotle about 4-6 times in the last 2 weeks alone. That's crazy. I have NEVER been like this. There HAS to be something in it.
I guess that makes me 3 Cause I think so too. - a_dwhitt (0 replies)
no additives - gennybear (2 replies)
        i feel the same - las_colinas_chipotle 1 replies)
                what's guac? - jemina 0 replies)
Yes, nicotine and trace amount of opiates. COME ON MAN! SERIOUSLY. - Bob23987 (0 replies)
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