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Posted by mica210 at 15.6.09 22:00:07.
First of all I would like to say that I am a big fan of Chipotle.I think that more companies should make themselves more responsible for the source of their food and they have hit a homerun on the steak burrito.With that being said, I feel that attention needs to be brought to the policy of throwing out pounds upon pounds of food that is left over at night.My wife is an employee and the amount of food that one Chipotle throws in the trashcan at night could feed thirty people.They weigh it and then they toss it in the can and have absolutely refused her requests to set up a donor or even let her handle the distribution.Corporate responsibility extends to all policies within a business.So this is a message to Chipotle...get with it!!!!This is a new century.The wastefulness of the last century cannot continue...People speak to corporations with their money and I can't imagine anything else that would help their bottom line than to be known as a truly benevolent corporation that not only cares about the content of their food but of their fellow human beings as well
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