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Posted by milobrown at 14.7.10 22:39:11.
"Change in the Drinks Lineup"
I posted a "Talk2Us" query & complaint on Chipotle's corporate site today that said:

"I'm a Chipotle fanatic. I love what you're dishing out. I know pretty much by heart where every Chipotle outpost is in the Dallas area. I'm a serious-enough customer to enjoy Chipotle 4-5 times per week, on average.

However, I have to complain about something. The people in the stores say it was a corporate or regional management decision, not a store-level one. I hate what you've done with the drink selection in your stores. I guess the suits at Coca Cola got to you and convinced you to give Coke products exclusivity. Bad idea!!! This is Texas and not having Dr Pepper available is a sin. Coke's Mr. Pibb is a very poor substitute and has been a failure in the market compared to Dr Pepper for the 50 years since Coke brought it out. The current situation is even worse since they also took Diet Dr Pepper away.

Bring back Dr Pepper and Diet Dr Pepper!"

I received a nice reply from a real person, a "Marketing Consultant" by title at Chipotle.

"Thanks for writing to us. I am sorry about the change. It's just that all of our fountain drinks come from Coca-Cola except Dr. Pepper, which is not a Coke product. We just thought it would simplify things on our end to have all of the fountain drinks coming from the same source.

I apologize for any inconvenience and I hope you'll still consider visiting us. I also appreciate your feedback on this and I'll be sure to pass along your thoughts on this as well."

That's a nice enough reply, and I certainly do appreciate the quick reply from a real person. But, but it strikes me a little bit as saying, "We care more about simplifying our operation and saving money than about what the customer wants."

I don't want to be a raving Internet lunatic, but I wanted to share this and ask if anyone else agrees with me about the "all Coca-Cola fountain drinks" change? Anyone else interested in talking back to Chipotle here or using their Talk2Us page on

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