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Forums > Off-Topic > Chipotle Poem

Posted by knobdoor14 at 20.4.08 22:58:18.
"Chipotle Poem"
I Love Chipotle Mexican Grill
On Buckley, Left Off Of Smoky Hill
Burrito Or Burrito Bowl
One Fifty Extra For Guacamol-

E Gusta, Te Gusta, Me Gusta Too
Student Drink Free, Maybe Iced Tea, Fresh Brew
Don't Drop Your Rice, Try Not To Spill
A Nice Place For Lunch, A Nice Place To Chill

Chicken, Beef, Barbacoa, Or Steak
Standing In Line I Watch Them Make,
My Burrito, Nice, Wrapped Up All Tight
I Could Eat One All Day And/Or All Night

Burrito, Burrito, Burrito, Spicy!
Drink, Drink, Drink, Icy!

Mason Truel-Kob
lol - jemina (0 replies)
that's awesome! - Matt (0 replies)
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