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Line at Chipotle....Is it worth the wait?! *new*johnsmith02,383
I found this Salsa recipe *new*cabodave9741,947
Tomatillo Green-Chili Salsa recipe *new*jorman314,907
tomatillo-green chili salsa *new*edward16,515
Hot Sauce Recipe request *new*pstempe22210,542
Can't find dried ancho chiles...subsitutions? *new*jkern27,254
the rice *new*dirtyharry44914,006
new here..... Barbacoa recipe? *new*jmelani819,533
Fresh Tomato (mild) Salsa *new*Warm_Burrito1649,511
Black Beans *new*jharr310,660
Barbacoa Recipe *new*SecretsRevealed338,903
pullmyfinger *new*edward05,923
Chipotle Mexican Grill Black Bean Recipe *new*kgvrakas088,203
guac *new*knyc77716,752
Idea for Corn Salsa *new*russhall110,969
The REAL chiptle-honey viinagrette recipe *new*SecretsRevealed17,265
marinade for the steak and chicken *new*lolo59,123
Rice Recipe Instructions *new*shelbywindsor28,484
CHICKEN-ADOBO - Filipino chicken with garlic *new*Neselba06,537
Filipino Bibingka Cassava RecipeFilipino Bibi *new*Neselba06,594
Chayote Guisado / Sayote Guisado (Sautéed Cha *new*Neselba06,344
ancho peppers *new*lolo16,534
Mango Chipotle Chicken *new*Couponalbum06,217
Chipotle Smashed Potatoes *new*dealrocker06,249
corn *new*EMF06,292
Fish Tacos with Chipotle Sauce Recipe *new*dealrocker16,715
guac *new*patriot7106,609
E-Mail me (Kristy) *new*Kristy Canyon16,885
Chipotle-Honey Vinaigrette? *new*allison125515,402
Margarita recipe? *new*buckeyefox311,420
ISO carnitas recipe? *new*evan Smith19,852
Need help in the marinade *new*slimby07,073
rice *new*terriyl07,162
Chicken & Cheese Nachos *new*Bryan G.811,921
pico *new*chelle07,387
looking for chipotle hot salsa recipe *new*palmero111,664
margarita *new*mollybelle06,594
marinade *new*bryandaws07,192
corn salsa *new*ebrown9307,782
salsa *new*alolly70207,485
corn salsa *new*jetcheve07,616
corn *new*jetcheve06,820
guac *new*mschramek07,850
corn *new*iufozo17,649
Mix'em makes'em better *new*morty2219,081
Chipotle salsa *new*cabodave9010,156

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