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Posted by chipotlechic84 at 14.3.06 03:14:28.
"Burrito Babe ISO Chipotle Cutie"
Okay, am I insane for posting this??? Maybe I just want to find someone who has a certain obsession for Chipotle as I do??? Matt, are you single??? I am a 22yrold professional female, 5'7, long brown, hair blue-green eyes, and I am a spinning image of a young Brooke Shields. I live in the DC area, and I want to find my true burrito soulmate. Yup. I'm done. sucks. I want something more direct!
Chipotle stud for a Burrito Babe. - kkam (1 replies)
        5'9"??? Say, "follow the yellow brick road" for me. - Bob23987 0 replies)
You're 22 years old! Stop computer dating! And what the hell is a "spinning" image. Don't get dizzy! - Bob23987 (0 replies)
Its Me - Burritobuttplug (0 replies)
I would email this to him - Apothercy Cold (0 replies)
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