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Subject: Chipotle Halloween 2012

Come to Chipotle on Wednesday, October 31st, from 4PM to Closing, dressed in any costume, and get a burrito for just $2. All proceeds up to $1M goes to the Chipotle Cultivate Foundation! See the official announcement.
Permalink | Comments Posted by Matt on 10-5-2012

Subject: Patron Margaritas at Chipotle

Photo Credit: Danny Zadoff

Chipotle is reportedly testing Patron margaritas at select locations in the Washington, DC / Virginia area. The margaritas contain:
  • Patron Silver Tequila
  • Triple Sec
  • Lemon and Lime Juice Blend
  • Organic Agave Nectar

Have you tried these new margaritas? Please post any new information in the comments below.
Permalink | Comments Posted by Matt on 02-01-2012 1:01PM

Subject: Chipotle Halloween 2011

Come to Chipotle on Monday, October 31st, from 6PM to Closing, dressed in a costume, and get a burrito for just $2. All proceeds up to $1M goes to the Chipotle Cultivate Foundation! See the official announcement.
Permalink | Comments Posted by Matt on 10/16/2011 10:47AM

Subject: Chipotle Tests Chorizo at Chelsea Location
Chef Nate Appleman has been working at Chipotle in Chelsea, NYC for a while now. I recently read about him trying out some new recipes, including a Chipotle Chorizo made with Chipotle's naturally raised chicken and pork. Apparently for this week only, they were serving up the Chipotle Chorizo, so I stopped by to try it out.

The photos speak for themselves. This stuff was well seasoned, slightly spicy, and delicious. The Chipotle Chelsea store also features whole wheat tortilla wraps, brown rice, and what appears to be fire roasted, mild salsa which looked great. Check out the photos below.

Photo Credit: Matt Silverman

Outside of Chipotle Chelsea, where Nate Appleman is currently working.

A shot of the inside of the Chelsea store. Looks great.

This week only!

Serving up Chipotle Chorizo from the line.

Chipotle Chorizo Bowl

Chipotle Chorizo in all of it's glory.

Permalink | Comments Posted by Matt on 03/17/11 6:31PM

Subject: Chipotle Launches Golden Burrito Promotion

Chipotle is going gold to celebrate their 18th anniversary. Between March 1st and June 30, Chipotle expects to wrap around 36 million burritos in gold foil to help draw attention to their "Food With Integrity" mantra.

Submit photos of your golden burritos in the comments section below!
Permalink | Comments Posted by Matt on 03/03/11

Subject: Chipotle Halloween 2010 Boorito Promotion

HOLD THE TINFOIL! For the first time since we can remember, Chipotle is no longer offering the free burrito on Halloween promotion.

However, you can still get a $2 burrito on Halloween. Come in to any Chipotle after 6pm this Halloween, October 31st, 2010, dressed as a horrifying processed food product and Chipotle will give you a burrito, bowl, salad, or an order of tacos filled with freshly cooked, naturally raised ingredients for only $2. See the official announcement.
Permalink | Comments Posted by Troy B on 1014/10 10:30 AM

Subject: Chipotle CFO Interviewed on CNBC
Check out this recent interview of Jack Hartung, Chief Financial Officer of Chipotle.
Permalink | Comments Posted by ChipotleFan on 09/28/10

Subject: Chipotle opens in London!
On Monday, May 10th, 2010, Chipotle opened it's FIRST store in Europe. Located at 114-116 Charing Cross Road in London, Chipotle says it is looking into other locations in Europe including Paris and Germany. Check out the pics below from opening day!

Photo Credit: Mike Black

Permalink | Comments Posted by Matt on 05/11/2010 03:00 PM

Subject: Get a Free Burrito!
Chipotle is holding a college graduation promotion (anyone can participate though!). It's simple:

1. Buy a gift certificate at any Chipotle in the U.S. for $25 or more between May 1st and June 12th. Save the receipt.
2. On your next visit to Chipotle, redeem that receipt for a FREE burrito, bol, salad, or tacos!

See the official announcement.
Permalink | Comments Posted by Matt on 05/01/10 10:10 AM

Subject: Chipotle tests new vegan Garden Blend option!

Exciting news for vegans and vegetarians! Chipotle is testing out a new "Garden Blend" Vegan option at three locations in the U.S. The Garden Blend is described as "A vegan blend of plant proteins, grains, and vegetables marinated in our chipotle adobo then grilled."

Photo credit: DJ Saul of iStrategyLabs.

The protein used is said to be made from Gardein, a company specializing in soy based meat alternatives.

333 E. Alameda Avenue
Denver, CO 80209

149 8th Ave (cross street: 17th street)
New York, NY 10011

1629 Connecticut Ave NW
Washington, DC 20009

Anyone have experience with the new Garden Blend? Post below in the comments.
Permalink | Comments Posted by ChipotleFan on 03/01/10 03:00 PM

Subject: Donate to the Doctors Without Borders Haiti Relief Fund
Give up your burrito this week, and please donate $10 to the Doctors Without Borders Haiti Relief Fund.

Support Doctors Without Borders in Haiti
Permalink | Comments Posted by ChipotleFan on 01/13/10 08:55 PM

Subject: Chipotle Offers Free Burrito on Halloween 2009
Come to Chipotle this Halloween (10/31/2009) between 6pm and closing. Dress like a burrito, burrito bowl, or taco, and get a FREE BURRITO. See the official announcement from Chipotle.

There are lots of possibilities, but an easy way to start is to pick up a roll of tin foil and let your imagination run wild.
Permalink | Comments Posted by ChipotleFan on 10/24/09 01:11 PM

Subject: Chipotle Corn Salsa Recipe

We have just posted a copycat recipe of the Chipotle Corn Salsa. Try it out, and comment on whether or not it is a contender!
Permalink | Comments Posted by ChipotleFan on 10/18/09 10:16 AM

Subject: Chipotle Poem
Warm, round, hefty -
Why for dost thou provide joy?
Rice, chicken, roasted corn -
If not for you, it is I who would to hunger succumb.

Wrapped tight
You act as vessel for nutrients
In foil
You are portable and convenient
Your price
Fair, value, a viable choice

Like the green grass doth fill with morning dew,
You, Chipotle burrito, doth fill my stomach.

Glory, pride, sleep!

By Anonymous
Permalink | Comments Posted by ChipotleFan on 10/13/09 05:55 PM

Subject: Chipotle Featured on South Park!
South Park featured Chipotle a few days ago, and made quite a lot of buzz:

Permalink | Comments Posted by ChipotleFan on 10/12/09 07:06 PM

Subject: Chipotle Red Hot Salsa Recipe

We have finally found a promising clone recipe for the Chipotle Red Hot Salsa. Check out the recipe, take photos, then contact us to share your results!
Permalink | Comments Posted by ChipotleFan on 05/06/09 04:32 PM

Subject: Chipotle is now healthier!
I know.. it's been a really long time. I finally decided to sit down and take the 45 minutes necessary to bring the Chipotle Nutrition Calculator up to speed with the latest Chipotle Nutrition PDF. Which brings us to the GOOD news:

Chipotle is now HEALTHIER! After tediously going through and updating every nutrition value, I noticed that almost across the board, each item has less sodium and less calories than before. This means that either Chipotle is nefariously decrementing nutrition values to improve its image, or that they are actually working on making their recipes healthier.

I think it's safe to say that they are working hard in the Chipotle test kitchen to make your burritos, bols, tacos, and salads healthier. Go ahead and calculate your meal now!
Permalink | Comments Posted by ChipotleFan on 02/01/09 10:41 AM

Subject: Chipotle Honey Vinaigrette Dressing Recipe

We have posted the delicious Chipotle Honey Vinaigrette Dressing recipe. Enjoy.
Permalink | Comments Posted by ChipotleFan on 02/01/09 10:06 AM

Subject: On Friday buy a burrito . . . get a t-shirt . . . at Century III Chipotle's Grand Opening!!

Step right up . . . buy a burrito after 3:00pm, get yourself a free Chipotle t-shirt, and a coupon good for a free burrito on your next visit. Register to win FREE BURRITOS FOR A YEAR!! Grand opening celebration starts at 11:00pm, Friday, January 23rd, 2009, at the new Century III Chipotle near Pittsburgh!!

Chipotle - Century III (Opening Jan. 23rd) on Urbanspoon
Permalink | Comments Posted by ChipotleFan on 01/22/09 03:46 AM

Subject: Free Chipotle Burrito on Halloween 2008

The official word is in. Come to Chipotle this Friday, October 31st, 2008, AFTER 6pm dressed like a burrito, bol, salad, or tacos, and get a FREE BURRITO! Chipotle is not publicizing it as much this year, but the deal is still on. Purchase your tin foil futures ASAP.
Permalink | Comments Posted by ChipotleFan on 10/29/08 08:49 PM

Subject: Become our Fan on Facebook
Help show your support, and become a fan of ChipotleFan on Facebook.
Permalink | Comments Posted by ChipotleFan on 10/20/08 08:53 AM

Subject: Free Trial of Amazon Prime
Okay, this is not Chipotle-related but it's a pretty sweet deal. Get a free trial of Amazon Prime. The service normally costs $79, but if you sign up before 10/31/08 you get to try it free for a month. You have nothing to lose, and free 2-day shipping to gain!

Get 30 days free of 2-day shipping on Amazon!
Permalink | Comments Posted by ChipotleFan on 09/03/08 12:46 PM

Subject: Matt Featured on Washington Post Biz Blog
Check out a recent article by Thomas Heath on Matt and how he created ChipotleFan and how he started his new viral video venture.
Permalink | Comments Posted by ChipotleFan on 07/22/08 03:30 PM

Subject: First Tomatoes, Now Jalapenos. What next . . . Cilantro?
It has happened again . . . another recall prompting Chipotle to pull ingredients, or in this specific case, cook a product that is usually served raw. Yes, raw Jalapenos are not being used in Chipotle Restaurants, instead they are grilling them.

Here is the official notice from Chipotle:

Jalepeno Notice

This is what you may see in the restaurants next time you order . . .

The CDC hasn't quite got a grasp on what is causing the salmonella illnesses that have so far affected hundreds of people across the country. As you may well remember, the first culprit was tomatoes, both plum and slicing. Now it is raw jalapeno peppers. I read that the CDC is also considering that raw cilantro may also be a culprit.

Hmmm . . . tomato, jalapenos and cilantro . . . chop them up and what do you get? SALSA!!!

Is salsa to blame? If it is, why don't they just come right out and say it?? I don't know about you, but I love, and hence, eat a lot of salsa. So far I haven't gotten sick . . . so far so good.

Let's hope it stays that way. In the meanwhile, isn't it nice to see that Chipotle cares so much about our personal health?

Thanks Mom, I mean Chipotle!!

Chipotle on Urbanspoon
Permalink | Comments Posted by ChipotleFan on 07/13/08 01:34 PM

I'm sure that most of you heard about the nationwide tomato recalls due to salmonella concerns.

If you haven't (where have you been), here is a story about it . . .

Here is what Chipotle had to say about it . . .

"We will begin serving our fresh mild tomato salsa again in some of our restaurants startingtoday and expect to be serving it in all of ourrestaurants shortly.The tomatoes are grown in the United Statesand come from safe sources approved by theFood and Drug Administration.While Chipotle did not have any issues withour tomatoes, we did voluntarily remove ourtomatoes last week for your protection whenthere was an indication of a problem with thetomato supply.Thank you for your patience, and we hope tosee you soon in our restaurants."
Permalink | Comments Posted by ChipotleFan on 06/13/08 04:19 AM

Subject: on the News!

Skip to about halfway through to the part about Chipotle. See the original article as well:
Permalink | Comments Posted by ChipotleFan on 06/01/08 11:10 AM

Subject: National Chipotle Day 2008
We just created a page to dedicate to National Chipotle Day. This year it will be June 1st, 2008. Read more here.
Permalink | Comments Posted by ChipotleFan on 04/10/08 01:50 PM

Subject: No Free Burrito On Tax Day 2008
We just received the official word that there will be no free burrito promotion for Tax day (April 15th) 2008. Chipotle says that they may plan an alternate promotion for another day, however. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

Thanks to Jessica H. for the info.
Permalink | Comments Posted by ChipotleFan on 04/07/08 01:45 PM

Subject: Why do you love Chipotle?

Matt Ragas, a researcher at the University of Florida, is currently conducting a study about Chipotle Mexican Grill – as it relates to the Chipotle brand, its customers (that's you!) and the media. As part of the study, he is conducting an online survey and would appreciate your help.

The survey is just 14 questions and should only take a few minutes of your time. This is your opportunity to share what you love (and don't love) about eating at Chipotle. How long have you been a Chipotle customer? How did you first hear about Chipotle? What are the top reasons you support Chipotle? What problems do you see facing Chipotle? You get the idea.

Here's the survey link:

Things to keep in mind: Matt is not affiliated with Chipotle Mexican Grill, Inc.; this study is only for academic purposes and your responses will remain confidential. You can only take the survey once. Finally, Matt intends to share the final results with us in the future.

Thanks for your help!

Permalink | Comments Posted by ChipotleFan on 02/22/08 11:29 AM

Subject: Chipotle Valentines Day Promotion 2008

Between February 1st, 2008 and February 12th, 2008, buy a Chipotle gift card of $10 or more from any Chipotle location and save the receipt. Bring back the receipt on February 13th or 14th and get a FREE burrito! You can see Chipotle's official announcement here. Last year you only had to buy a $5 gift certificate, but hey, no complaints here. A free burrito, is a free burrito.
Permalink | Comments Posted by ChipotleFan on 02/01/08 02:03 PM

Subject: Chipotle Commits to Serving 50 Million Pounds Naturally Raised Meat
In 2008, Chipotle has committed to serving over 50,000,000 pounds of naturally raised meat in its stores across the country, which will be a 40% increase from 2007. Chipotle continues to set the bar for ethics in the food industry, and while some prominent businesses are divesting from organic and natural food, Chipotle is only increasing the natural offerings at their restaurants.
Permalink | Comments Posted by ChipotleFan on 01/21/08 10:10 AM

Subject: Brown Rice at Chipotle?

If you've read the forum at ChipotleFan, you'd see a lot of people have been asking for Brown Rice as a healthier option for quite some time.

Well, Chipotle must have read those requests because in November, in an effort to make their burritos healthier, Chipotle did some testing in 20 of their Denver area locations, by replacing the standard white rice with brown rice. Apparently, the tests didn't go so well.

According to this article, Chipotle found that in addition to a longer cooking time, a lot of folks wondered why Chipotle would change their tried-and-true recipe. I guess the tests results weren't conclusive enough. It seems that Chipotle plans to do this same test in other markets, so look out, and maybe you will get a chance to be part of the next test. Let us know if you find any brown rice out there, and as always, feel free to post your comments below.

Thanks to ChipotlLog for the heads up on this article.

Permalink | Comments Posted by Troy B on 01/20/08 09:21 AM

Subject: Men's Health rates Healthy Chipotle Choices
Happy New Year,
As people tend to make resolutions in the new year, and eating healthier/losing weight is usually high on that resolution list across America, I thought I would start off with my first post of the year by talking about health. I ran across this article today . . .

. . . . and it claims to show healthier dining choices when eating at Chipotle.

As you can see, when you remove the cheese, rice and the tortilla, you get healthier food.

I don't agree with everything this magazine says though.

When you start removing ingredients, what you don't get are the extra fat and calories. What you also don't get are the good tasting ingredients that you love so much. For me that includes guacamole, which isn't even mentioned in the article, but based on taste alone, it is a very important part of my burrito. And if you are talking fat, don't forget that guacamole is made from avacados, a good source of the healthy fats that your body craves and needs for good brain function.

This magazine is also of the opinion that Taco Bell is healthier than Chipotle just based on calories and fat. There is more to food than just calories and fat.

It doesn't even talk about how Chipotle has healthier ingredients (naturally raised meats, mostly organic beans, non-gmo sour creme) than Taco Bell when it compares the two here . . .

. . . The choice is basically up to you, so read it and decide for yourself.

What do you think? Please post a comment.

THANKS, and good luck with those resolutions for 2008!
Permalink | Comments Posted by Troy B on 01/04/08 06:19 AM

Subject: Chipotle New Year
Wishing everybody a Happy Chipotle New Year!

This is the start of a new blog that will discuss the finer points of one of our favorite restaurants, Chipotle Mexican Grill. In the New Year, we hope to feature stories, discussions, photos and other interesting ideas here for you all to enjoy, and we hope that you will participate by giving us feedback and hopefully posting comments.

Keep checking back to see what kinds of Chipotle ideas we can come up with.

THANKS, and Have A Happy 2008!!
Troy & Matt, the Chipotle Fan Blog Team
Permalink | Comments Posted by Troy B on 12/28/07 06:12 AM

Subject: Chipotle Video Contest

Chipotle appears to have started another video contest. View our video page to see the current entries.
Permalink | Comments Posted by Matt on 11/02/07

Subject: Free Burrito on Halloween

Come to Chipotle this Wednesday, October 31st, dressed like a burrito, bol, salad, or tacos, and get a FREE BURRITO! See the official announcement.
Permalink | Comments Posted by Matt on 10/29/07

Subject: Chipotle Video Tribute
This was sent to us by a fellow Chipotle Fan. Enjoy:

Permalink | Comments Posted by Matt on 09/21/07

Subject: Win a year-supply of burritos!

Use coupon code chipotlefan to download for $4.99!

We recently sent out a mailing to all ChipotleFan users about an opportunity to win a year-supply of burritos. That's one burrito, every week, for an entire year.

In addition, we are helping promote the new film 10MPH in which two former software marketing guys ride a Segway across the United States and even stop by a Chipotle on their journey. To learn more about the film, watch the trailer. For a limited time, you can download the entire movie for $4.99 using the coupon code chipotlefan.
Permalink | Comments Posted by Matt on 08/03/07

Subject: Chipotle Stock Surges 16%
Chipotle's stock has risen some 16% based on better than expected results from their 2007 1st quarter earnings report. For more information on Chipotle's stock, please visit our Chipotle Stock page.
Permalink | Comments Posted by Matt on 05/02/07

Subject: Redesigned
Chipotle has redesigned their official web site. It still appears to be 100% flash-based, but there are definitely some improvements in the navigation of the site. Check out their new site and then discuss the changes on our message board.
Permalink | Comments Posted by Matt on 04/16/07

Subject: Free Tax Day Burrito
Buy a burrito on April 14 or 15, 2007 and save the receipt. Attach the receipt to the Burrito EZ-FWI Form and return it to Chipotle on Tax Day (April 16, 2007) to receive a FREE BURRITO. View Chipotle's official announcement.
Permalink | Comments Posted by Matt on 04/08/07

Subject: Burrito Generator
Permalink | Comments Posted by Matt on 03/06/07

Subject: Is Chipotle owned by McDonald's?
Many people still have the misconception that Chipotle is owned by McDonald's. To help quash this rumor once and for all, I e-mailed Joe Stupp himself to get the dirt. Visit our Chipotle McDonald's page for more details.
Permalink | Comments Posted by Matt on 02/27/07

Subject: ChipotleFan Featured in GWU Student Newspaper was recently featured in The George Washington University's independent newspaper, the GW Hatchet. Check out the article!
Permalink | Comments Posted by Matt on 11/28/06

Subject: Chipotle Video-Ad Contest

Chipotle has just announced its first ever Video-Ad contest for colleges accross the nation! View our video contest page for more details.
Permalink | Comments Posted by Matt on 10/30/06

Subject: FREE BURRITO on Halloween

Come to Chipotle dressed as a burrito, taco, bol, or salad on Halloween (October 31st, 2006) between 5pm and 10pm, and get a FREE BURRITO. See the official announcement, or discuss costume options on our message board.
Permalink | Comments Posted by Matt on 10/26/06

Subject: Buy One Share of Chipotle Stock!
OneShare is a website that lets you give the gift of one share of stock from your favorite company. OneShare recently added Chipotle Mexican Grill to their list of stocks, and through a special promotion with Chipotle Fan you can get a framed Chipotle stock certificate with FREE SHIPPING! Visit OneShare and enter Coupon Code ChipotleFan at check out to receive Free Shipping!
Permalink | Comments Posted by Matt on 06/14/06

Subject: Chipotle Pop Quiz
Buy a Burrito on May 6th or 7th and get your Chipotle Pop Quiz (Keep the receipt). Bring your completed quiz and your receipt back May 8th through May 14th and get a FREE BURRITO! See Chipotle's Official Announcement
Permalink | Comments Posted by Matt on 05/02/06

Subject: New Forums!
We now have a completely new forum set up! Check it out. We need your help to get the discussions started, so please make a few posts if you get a chance. You must be registered to post.
Permalink | Comments Posted by Matt on 02/14/06

Subject: Chipotle Honey Vinaigrette Nutrition Information
Added the nutrition information for the Chipotle Honey Vinaigrette dressing to the nutrition calculator. It has a surprising amount of sodium, but the values are all correct, directly from the chipotle nutrition PDF (hosted by
Permalink | Comments Posted by Matt on 02/07/06

Subject: Valentine's Day

Buy a $5 Chipotle Gift Card anytime from January 31st to February 11th, and save the receipt. Come back to Chipotle on February 12th, 13th, or 14th and get a FREE burrito! View Chipotle's Official Announcement.
Permalink | Comments Posted by Matt on 01/30/06

Subject: Chipotle DSL
Chipotle now allows users to place orders online! The new service, Chipotle DSL (Dont Stand In Line), allows users to place their order online, then go pick it up at their local Chipotle! Make sure to give Chipotle a call to confirm they got the order before picking it up.
Permalink | Comments Posted by Matt on 12/22/05

Subject: Free Burrito on Halloween

Dress up in foil on Halloween (October 31st), and get a FREE boorrito! See Chipotle's official announcement.
Permalink | Comments Posted by Matt on 10/26/05

Subject: Change Burrito Core
After many, many, suggestions to do so, I have finally added the ability to change your Burrito Core. You are no longer stuck with the Burrito you chose when you signed up, but rather free to explore many different combinations in hopes of finding your true Burrito Soulmate. The feature available in the My Account section when you are logged in. Good luck.
Permalink | Comments Posted by Matt on 06/02/05

Subject: Chipotle Picture Contest!
I am planning on adding a new pictures section to the site, but I need your help! Please send me pictures of you at Chipotle, or eating Chipotle food. Creativity is key in the pictures, as only interesting ones will make it onto the site. If there is a story behind the picture, send that too. Bonus points go to those who somehow incorporate ChipotleFan into their pictures. Submitting a picture will automatically enter you into the contest. The prize is yet to be determined, but I need to start collecting pictures ASAP. To enter send a picture and any necessary info about it to [email protected]. Thanks, and good luck!
Permalink | Comments Posted by Matt on 05/25/05

Subject: Chipotle Books
I recently came accross these interesting books on Chipotle Chiles. They are very inexpensive and a must for any true Chipotle Fan.

The Pepper Pantry: Chipotles

Crazy For Chipotle
Permalink | Comments Posted by Matt on 05/20/05

Subject: Valentines Day
Chipotle has just announced their Valentines day special:
  • Buy a Chipotle Gift Card between Jan. 31st and Feb. 11th.
  • Save the Receipt
  • Bring the receipt back anytime between February 12th to 14th and exchange it for a FREE burrito.

See Chipotle's official announcement.
Permalink | Comments Posted by Matt on 02/02/05

Subject: Tsunami Relief Fund

Our deepest condolences go out to those affected by the catostrophic events that have taken place in East Africa and South East Asia on December 26, 2004. We encourage everyone to make a donation immediately. Every little bit counts, please do your part.
Permalink | Comments Posted by Matt on 12/30/04

Subject: No updates for a while
There have been few updates to the site recently, as I have been busy with school. The Burrito Soulmate user count is almost at 2,000, which is awesome. Keep on spreading the word about it. I encourage everyone to post suggestions on the forum so when I have time to make updates, I know exactly what needs to be done.

I have been getting a fair amount of e-mails from people with questions about things such as where Chipotle locations are, and when they will open locations near to a certain area. While I appreciate getting feedback, these types of inquiries would be best directed to the official chipotle website. With questions regarding Chipotle fan however, you are always welcome to contact me.

That's all for now, try to keep up the good activity on the message boards.
Permalink | Comments Posted by Matt on 10/12/04

Subject: New Layout / News System
So I put together a new layout and news system this week. I'm proud of the "Change Theme" feature in the layout, and any true Chipotle Fan will get as much of a kick out of it as me. It's hard to believe the Potle cravings I get from working on this site, and this new theme thing makes it that much harder.

Make sure to check out the new managers section. I will update it once I get into contact with more Chipotle managers. They all deserve some respect for making sure the burritos keep flowing.

I recently discovered how to enhance the Potle experience even more. I took the plunge and paid the extra $1.25 to have them add extra chicken to my burrito. It was unimaginably good. Well worth the extra money. I actually was able to eat half of it for lunch, and save the other half for dinner. It completely filled me up. I highly recommend this method. The hardest part was saving the other half for dinner. I ended up caving in at around 4:30pm and eating it because it was just beckoning me from the fridge.

I move to DC today and start my career at GW. I will have to scope out the nearest DC Chipotle. Last I checked it was a mere 6 blocks or so away, so I should be in good shape. Anyway we'll see how this Potle blog goes. For now, keep chompin'.
Permalink | Comments Posted by Matt on 08/28/04


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