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New Layout / News System

So I put together a new layout and news system this week. I'm proud of the "Change Theme" feature in the layout, and any true Chipotle Fan will get as much of a kick out of it as me. It's hard to believe the Potle cravings I get from working on this site, and this new theme thing makes it that much harder.

Make sure to check out the new managers section. I will update it once I get into contact with more Chipotle managers. They all deserve some respect for making sure the burritos keep flowing.

I recently discovered how to enhance the Potle experience even more. I took the plunge and paid the extra $1.25 to have them add extra chicken to my burrito. It was unimaginably good. Well worth the extra money. I actually was able to eat half of it for lunch, and save the other half for dinner. It completely filled me up. I highly recommend this method. The hardest part was saving the other half for dinner. I ended up caving in at around 4:30pm and eating it because it was just beckoning me from the fridge.

I move to DC today and start my career at GW. I will have to scope out the nearest DC Chipotle. Last I checked it was a mere 6 blocks or so away, so I should be in good shape. Anyway we'll see how this Potle blog goes. For now, keep chompin'.

Posted by: Matt on 08/28/04

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