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Men's Health rates Healthy Chipotle Choices

Happy New Year,
As people tend to make resolutions in the new year, and eating healthier/losing weight is usually high on that resolution list across America, I thought I would start off with my first post of the year by talking about health. I ran across this article today . . .

. . . . and it claims to show healthier dining choices when eating at Chipotle.

As you can see, when you remove the cheese, rice and the tortilla, you get healthier food.

I don't agree with everything this magazine says though.

When you start removing ingredients, what you don't get are the extra fat and calories. What you also don't get are the good tasting ingredients that you love so much. For me that includes guacamole, which isn't even mentioned in the article, but based on taste alone, it is a very important part of my burrito. And if you are talking fat, don't forget that guacamole is made from avacados, a good source of the healthy fats that your body craves and needs for good brain function.

This magazine is also of the opinion that Taco Bell is healthier than Chipotle just based on calories and fat. There is more to food than just calories and fat.

It doesn't even talk about how Chipotle has healthier ingredients (naturally raised meats, mostly organic beans, non-gmo sour creme) than Taco Bell when it compares the two here . . .

. . . The choice is basically up to you, so read it and decide for yourself.

What do you think? Please post a comment.

THANKS, and good luck with those resolutions for 2008!

Posted by: Troy B on 01/04/08 06:19 AM

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