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Brown Rice at Chipotle?

If you've read the forum at ChipotleFan, you'd see a lot of people have been asking for Brown Rice as a healthier option for quite some time.

Well, Chipotle must have read those requests because in November, in an effort to make their burritos healthier, Chipotle did some testing in 20 of their Denver area locations, by replacing the standard white rice with brown rice. Apparently, the tests didn't go so well.

According to this article, Chipotle found that in addition to a longer cooking time, a lot of folks wondered why Chipotle would change their tried-and-true recipe. I guess the tests results weren't conclusive enough. It seems that Chipotle plans to do this same test in other markets, so look out, and maybe you will get a chance to be part of the next test. Let us know if you find any brown rice out there, and as always, feel free to post your comments below.

Thanks to ChipotlLog for the heads up on this article.

Posted by: Troy B on 01/20/08 09:21 AM

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