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First Tomatoes, Now Jalapenos. What next . . . Cilantro?

It has happened again . . . another recall prompting Chipotle to pull ingredients, or in this specific case, cook a product that is usually served raw. Yes, raw Jalapenos are not being used in Chipotle Restaurants, instead they are grilling them.

Here is the official notice from Chipotle:

Jalepeno Notice

This is what you may see in the restaurants next time you order . . .

The CDC hasn't quite got a grasp on what is causing the salmonella illnesses that have so far affected hundreds of people across the country. As you may well remember, the first culprit was tomatoes, both plum and slicing. Now it is raw jalapeno peppers. I read that the CDC is also considering that raw cilantro may also be a culprit.

Hmmm . . . tomato, jalapenos and cilantro . . . chop them up and what do you get? SALSA!!!

Is salsa to blame? If it is, why don't they just come right out and say it?? I don't know about you, but I love, and hence, eat a lot of salsa. So far I haven't gotten sick . . . so far so good.

Let's hope it stays that way. In the meanwhile, isn't it nice to see that Chipotle cares so much about our personal health?

Thanks Mom, I mean Chipotle!!

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Posted by: ChipotleFan on 07/13/08 01:34 PM

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