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Chipotle is now healthier!

I know.. it's been a really long time. I finally decided to sit down and take the 45 minutes necessary to bring the Chipotle Nutrition Calculator up to speed with the latest Chipotle Nutrition PDF. Which brings us to the GOOD news:

Chipotle is now HEALTHIER! After tediously going through and updating every nutrition value, I noticed that almost across the board, each item has less sodium and less calories than before. This means that either Chipotle is nefariously decrementing nutrition values to improve its image, or that they are actually working on making their recipes healthier.

I think it's safe to say that they are working hard in the Chipotle test kitchen to make your burritos, bols, tacos, and salads healthier. Go ahead and calculate your meal now!

Posted by: ChipotleFan on 02/01/09 10:41 AM

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