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Chipotle Tests Chorizo at Chelsea Location

Chef Nate Appleman has been working at Chipotle in Chelsea, NYC for a while now. I recently read about him trying out some new recipes, including a Chipotle Chorizo made with Chipotle's naturally raised chicken and pork. Apparently for this week only, they were serving up the Chipotle Chorizo, so I stopped by to try it out.

The photos speak for themselves. This stuff was well seasoned, slightly spicy, and delicious. The Chipotle Chelsea store also features whole wheat tortilla wraps, brown rice, and what appears to be fire roasted, mild salsa which looked great. Check out the photos below.

Photo Credit: Matt Silverman

Outside of Chipotle Chelsea, where Nate Appleman is currently working.

A shot of the inside of the Chelsea store. Looks great.

This week only!

Serving up Chipotle Chorizo from the line.

Chipotle Chorizo Bowl

Chipotle Chorizo in all of it's glory.

Posted by: Matt on 03/17/11 6:31PM

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